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New version of SIR Rankings 2014 Released

Tehran University of Medical Sciences improves its Position to 306th in SCIMAGO Institutions Ranking system 2014.


New version of the SIR (SCIMAGO Institutions Rankings) report released.

Tehran University of Medical Sciences improves its position in SIR Ranking System in 2014, and is placed 306th in the world, and 2nd within the country.

SIR assesses worldwide institutions yearly with the aim of becoming an evaluation framework of research performance for Research Organizations., according to three sets of ranges based on research, innovation and web visibility indicators.

The source of information used to generate the ranges for research indicators has been Scopus database, for innovation has been PATSTAT, and for web visibility have been Google and ahrefs. The Research indicators measures areas such as: research output, international collaboration, normalized impact and publication rate.

It takes into account those organizations from any country, with at least 100 documents published.

Tehran University of Medical Sciences is top University in the country in Innovation indicator according to the recent ranking lists.



Reported by: Maryam Saberipour