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Announcement of CWTS Leiden 2016 World Ranking

Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) was ranked 343rd in the Impact indicator and 362nd in the collaboration indicator.

TUMS achieved 343rd rank in the 2016 impact indicator of CWTS Leiden world ranking system. The impact indicator includes: number of publications, number of top 10% publications, and proportion of top 10% publications to total number of publications. It is worth mentioning that, this rank is based on number of publications. In addition, TUMS national rank in impact indicator (base on publications) is three.



Also, TUMS ranks in the collaboration indicator in the world and national ranking are 362 and two, respectively. Collaboration indicator includes number of interinstitutional collaborative publications, and proportion of interinstitutional collaborative publications to the total number of publications.



The CWTS Leiden Ranking 2016 includes 842 universities from 53 different countries. The Leiden Ranking is based on Web of Science data. All universities worldwide with more than 1000 fractionally counted Web of Science indexed core publications in the period 2011–2014 are included in the ranking.


Reported By: M. Bahadorkhani