SKILL LAB Biography

      · SKILL LAB Biography:

      The SKILL LAB of the International Campus_ School of Medicine, primarily established with the goal of holding standard practical workshops in order to train the students of General Medicine at Baharloo Hospital. And many students have been taught the clinical and practical skills of medicine in this department so far.

      The educational department of this center includes one classroom and five classes specified for team working.

      There are all educational facilities; including: all manikins and medical equipment required for all the educational phases of general medicine course in this center.

      All rooms are equipped with the audio-visual and computerized features and they have the capability to hold Study courses and workshops, with the capacity of small to middle groups. As well many theoretical and OSCE exams have been held very well in this center several times so far and it is also applicable.

      There are different types of manikins such as: advanced and introductory resuscitation manikins; Catheterization; NGT; ABG; LP; Injections; Obstetrics and Gynecology; preliminary examinations; Orthopedic moulage in this center.


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