Introducing Laboratories
    • Introducing Laboratories

      General Laboratories of Pardis International Campus launched at 2014 (1393 S.H.) and was used for educational purposes. It began with the following laboratories; Biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, Physiology, and Parasitology and Mycology. Each laboratory is described below:

      1.     Biochemistry laboratory: teaching the attendees about the biochemical reactions inside the Human body and measuring certain substances in bodily fluids. Additionally, this lab performs various tests, such as sugar and protein fasting in blood or urine.


      2.     Microbiology laboratory: teaching the attendees about the microorganisms and observing them by coloring methods, and through the microscope.


      3.     Immunology laboratory: teaching the attendees about agglutination and hem agglutination, neutralization, immunoprecipitation, electrophoresis, immunofluorescence, etc. which are symptoms or methods used in identifying a disease.


      4.     Physiology laboratory: teaches the attendees about counting the blood cells in a blood sample, osmosis, measuring blood pressure, neural reflexes, etc.


      5.     Parasitology and Mycology laboratory:  teaching the attendees about various parasitical or fungal diseases and infections, such as malaria, hookworms, amoebae, skin fungus infections, etc. and their medicines, such as dermatrophin, etc. Additionally, this laboratory teaches them about fleas and lice.


    Laboratory Program of the Academic Year 2017-2018