International School of Medicine  at one Glanc

Medical school of International Campus at Tehran University of Medical Sciences was founded in Kish in February-March 2008. The school meets about 500-600 medical students annually through public entrance exam. The students will pass basic sciences by the assistance of professors from Poorsina complex in the faculty building located in Kish Island, enjoying a well-equipped laboratory. Physiopathology classes have been held in Baharlou Hospital since 1389 (March 2010-2011), being managed by professors from Imam, Amir Alam, Shariaty and Sina Hospitals.Students of the said school are passing clinical training courses in educational sectors of Bharlou and Ziaian Hospitals since September 2011. Moreover, students pass a number of training courses such as dermatology, infections, radiology, etc., in Poorsina Hospitals. Being well-equipped, the clinical training center completes the educational cycle of students.And finally we hope this new established school which has started to work, depending on the brilliant background of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and also by the cooperation of Poorsina faculty members, be served as an appropriate method for the growth and development of youth in our country and also be considered as a turning point in making scientific relations between Tehran University of Medical Sciences and other leading universities in the world.