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Final Form for Planned Trips
Name : Shamsoulmolouk
Surname : Najafi
Position : Associate professor
School/Research Center : School of Dentistry
E-mail :
Phone No. : 02188330375
Subject(s) of your planned Trip : participated in conference
From : Monday, May 1, 2017
To : Tuesday, May 2, 2017
Name of Destination University : University of Toronto
Name of Destination Country : Canada
Report of Planned Trip : As conferenceseries is one of the most important congress in field of medical sciences and almost famous scientists attend in, it would be a good idea to invite some of those to have scientific talks and related for the faculty members and students.
Achievements of Trips in Faculty/Center : I talked to several professor from UK, USA and canada about collaboration and running joint projects in field of dentistry especially, about orofacial pain.