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Mr. Raad Ajeel Bustan's Thesis Defense

Mr. Raad Ajeel Bustan defended his thesis on July 29, 2017

Mr. Raad Ajeel Bustan, the TUMS international student in radiology program(M.Sc. level) defended his thesis on 29 July 2017.

Raad's thesis title was, "monitoring of brain tumor response to Radiochemotherapy by DWI". His supervisors for the thesis was Dr. Changizi. At his defense, besides his supervisor, Dr. Paydar, Dr. Pak, the representative of the office of IC-TUMS vice dean for research and some students were present.

Mr. Raad Ajeel Bustan successfully defended his thesis and obtained full mark for his presentation(defense). We, at the office of vice dean for research affairs, wish him the best in his future research and career.






B.Izadiyar, Office of TUMS Vice Dean for Research Affairs





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