Message from the Vice-Dean for Research Affairs


Welcome to Research and Innovation at IC-TUMS, home to a growing body of scholars recognized nationally and internationally for the significance of their contributions to the medical, paramedical, and health sciences.  Everyday, across our campus, our nation and globally, IC-TUMS researchers are making a difference. Through these activities, we are advancing our understanding of the world around us, maximizing benefits to society, and enhancing quality of life today and tomorrow.

Given our strategic research priorities and geographic location, IC-TUMS academic departments and research institutes are uniquely situated to address the crucial national and regional demands. We are committed to training highly qualified personnel who will become our next-generation scholars, leaders, scientists and industrial entrepreneurs.  By collaborating with institutional, government and industrial stakeholders, we are making significant improvements to fundamental knowledge and understanding in these fields. Our researchers are safeguarding the health of our environment, and the social, cultural and economic fabric of our communities, by developing policy and technologies that enhance the human experience while mitigating the adverse effects of a changing world.

IC-TUMS has become a vessel for the cross-transfer of knowledge, technology and expertise. It is a place to stimulate creativity and collaboration, as well as to nurture the inventive spirit. Research and innovation at IC-TUMS are traversing exciting new terrain and opening new prospects. Great things are happening here and, from where I stand, the view has never been more exhilarating.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Mohmmad Reza Hadian, Professor

Vice-Dean for Research Affairs

International campus

Tehran University of Medical Sciences.


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