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Academic year 2016/17 summer Semester Course Registration

The summer course registration period is starting from Monday, July 17th 2017 until Wednesday Wednsday.19th...

The summer course registration period is starting from Monday, July 17th 2017 until Wednsday.19th for undergraduate students who entered at TUIMS and their name were in the preregistration list(please check the website for the list).

The start date of the summer term is from 22 July 2017 for six weeks until August 30th 2017.

The timetable for the subjects is attached.

Note 1: Some subjects are three days per week and some are twice per week or less.

Note 2: Please check the code for each subject to find out the number of session per week and mention the code in you course registration from.

Note 3: There are a maximum capacity for all courses such as IT and physical training 1 & 2. So there is no guarantee that you can choose the subjects at your desire date & time.

Please come in person to the office at Educational Affairs building during working hours for registering coming summer semester based on below timetable and fill in the Course registration form before coming to the office (you can find it in attached).

Please be aware of Educational regulation related to summer term, as there is no dropping for the chosen course during the summer term.

If you are for some reason too late or unable to register during the course registration period, please inform us if the educational office accepts the genuineness of the provided excuses you can come in other times.

E-mails received until the end of July 19th will be only processed by the Educational Office.


Students Entry time


 Program: Time

Academic year 2014/15

 July. 17, 2017

 MD: 8-10

 DDS: 10-11

 Pharmacy: 11-12




Academic year 2015/16

 July. 18, 2017

 MD: 8-10

 DDS: 10-11

 Pharmacy: 11-12




Academic year 2016/17

 July. 19, 2017

 MD: 8-10

 DDS: 10-11

 Pharmacy: 11-12

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