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Condition of Basic Medical Sciences (comprehensive) Examination September 2018

September 2018 The Basic Medical Sciences (comprehensive) Examination will be held at Medical school of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, on Thursday 6th September, 2018...

The Basic Medical Sciences (comprehensive) Examination will be held at Medical school of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, on Thursday 6th September, 2018.

The candidates must be present one hour before the test in the area which is accessible from the main campus of TUMS the northern gate in PourSina St.


  • Eligible Students are those who passed successfully all Basic Sciences subjects (one general Subject can be kept for after the exam) and gained CGPA above 12. (chapter two, article 11.)
  • If scores obtained in some courses passed by the student are not announced by the time of formal examination, the student will participate in the examination under conditions. If the student fails in that course after the announcement of formal examination’s score or passes the course but the average does not reach 12, the result of formal examination will be considered null and void. The students with that condition should submit the commitment letter before the examination to the edu office.

The participated exam will not be considered as one of the allowed times in which a student can take the formal examination but the student will not be allowed to participate in the next formal examination even under conditions unless s/he passes the failed course and obtain the necessary average score.

Participation in the formal examination of basic sciences is allowed up to three times. If the student does not obtain passing score in this examination s/he will be excluded from continuing the MD course.

  • Please Check the attached list which contains the eligible students' name and if your name should be there but not mentioned initially, inform the Edu. Office as soon as possible before 15th August 2018.


For those whose names were mentioned but do not want to participate in the coming above -mentioned exam due to any reasonable excuse, please submit the written request for your case to the Edu. Office as soon as possible before 15th August 2018. You can contact us via or if you are not in Iran.


The above-mentioned examination starts at 9 am on Thursday 6th September, 2018 and the entrance door will be closed at 8:30 am

All International students who are eligible to participate in the exam required to get the Examination Entry Card before Monday September 03rd, 2018.

  • Please submit one photo (3*4cm), copy of your passport and filled the registration from at the educational office which is located on 3rd floor, No.25. Hujat Dust St., South Palestine Street. Before August 18, 2018



In the date of exam, students should bring their Examination Entry Card with Passport and the students ID card with themselves.

Exam regulations checklist

Make sure you are fully prepared.


Before the exam

·         Venue - make sure you know where on campus the exam room is

·         Lateness - plan your travel and route and aim to arrive 1 hour before the start time

·         ID required - have your Student card with you. It is the only ID accepted

·         Equipment - check you have everything you need. You are responsible for what you bring into the exam, so if you borrow equipment you must ensure there are no notes or annotations that may be viewed as potential cheating

Pen - black or blue only Pencil, a sharpener and an eraser

Notes - check you have no notes written on your hands, arms or clothing. Any writing observed on you will be investigated as potential cheating

·         Sleep - don’t be tempted to stay up late to do last-minute revision. Get a good night's sleep and set TWO alarms.


 On the day of the exam

·         Seating - check the seating list outside the exam room. You must sit in your allocated seat

·         Mobile phone - turn it off, including any alarms that may be set, and don't keep it on your person - it will be automatic grounds for investigation for cheating. Please check the List of items not allowed in the exam room

·         Toilet - go before entering the exam room

·         Revision notes - put them in a bag before going into the exam room - never have them on your person or under your desk. Please check the List of items not allowed in the exam room

·         Talking - As soon as you enter the exam room, you may not speak to anyone other than an invigilator. Speaking to friends, even if just wishing them good luck, will be automatic grounds for investigation for cheating

·         Rough work - Use any left-hand page in your script book for rough work. Cross out anything you do not wish to be considered by the examiner. Removing any sheets from the script book will void it and it will not be marked. If you require additional pages, you may ask the invigilator for a supplementary script book.

·         Leaving the exam - You must ask permission from the invigilator if you wish to leave the exam. You will not be permitted to leave within the first 60 or the last 15 minutes.

·         Start time will be at 9 am exam. The questions are multiple choices (test) and volunteers are essential that the most correct answers will be provided in responses that are completely filled with soft pencil. For this purpose, just use soft black pencil, and if more than one answer to each question is the question not be corrected. Note that the question has not a negative score. If you think you've answered a question wrong to choose the correct answer must completely erase the previous answer. Clean and dirty incomplete correction of answer sheets caused a disturbance on the computer and will lose points.

·         Students should not write any note or mark on the answer sheet except choosing the right answer.

·         Students must check the check the number of pages and number of questions in each section before answering your questions. If the number of questions in the question pamphlet or the number of pages of the question pamphlet is in correct, JUST raise your hand and inform one of the invigilators without disturbing others. Otherwise, the Center for Medical Education Assessment has not have any responsible for any possible problems.

·         Students only hand an answer sheets at the end of the session only. There will be no extra time to transferring your answer to the answer sheet.

·         Within the last 15 minutes of examination, students are not allowed to leave the exam area.




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