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Online Course registration for Academic Year September semester 2018-19

Online Course registration for Academic Year September semester 2018-19...

All Undergraduate International Students

The course registration period for all international Students of TUMS is starting from 9th till 12th September 2018 (for only four days and the period is not extended due on any condition). Please login to your SIPAD system and choose the options as below for seeing the available course with the details of dates and time of lectures.


                  and then click on           


The classes will be started from Saturday 22 September 2018 (based on the timetable). Please check your timetable at → timetable to know the venue and exact date and time of lectures.


Please pay attention that there are some courses which are presented in Tehran and Kish campus, Simultaneously. In order to identify them, the course with Group number (711) & (911) only belongs to Kish campus students.

Please be careful about choosing your course by checking the timetable (date & time) and considering the code that is mentioned on SIPAD for each course.

Note 2:

There is limit for 20 credits to take at each semester.
(Based on student's conditions this can be increased up to 21-24 credits.)

Note 3:

Please check the Academic timetable for session 2018-19 at ICTUMS Educational Affairs website for Adding and Dropping period (for 2 theoretical courses) and Emergency Drop (for one course) time. → Academic Calendar 2018-2016

Note 4:

Attendance for each lectures is compulsory. Please do not take any courses with clashes as the Educational Affairs of TUMS will not be responsible for the potential problems.

Note 5:

Students are responsible for checking the pre-requisites courses based on the program curriculums while they are selecting the unites. Please do not hesitate contact us via if you need any information.

The educational regulation and program curriculums are both available at


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