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Announcement 4 Academic Year September semester 2018-19

In referencing the 2nd announcement for Sept 2018 course registration, Please be aware that;

In referencing the 2nd announcement for Sept 2018 course registration,

Please be aware that;

Based on the Educational regulation related to course registration for each Academic semester:  (Chapter one, Article 3-1)

The students who enrolled in TUMS-IC in each term have to obtain their respective credits from educational departments. If the student does not enroll himself/herself in one term without the approval of the educational office or without appropriate reason, he/she would be expelled from their respective program.


However, due to many enquires for few students, the educational office announces the final NEWS.

If you were for some reason late or unbaled to register during the course registration period, please email us till September 25,2018  your complete request which should contain your reason and the commitment to not repeat last course registration again.

If the main TUMS educational office accepts the genuineness of the provided excuses you can come in next week from Oct 1, 2018 till 3 October in person to the Educational office to assign your subject.


Please do not send any course list for the first step. Only after getting approve from main Edu office, you can submit your semester subjects


E-mails received until the end of September 25th will be only processed by the Educational Office.



Note 1:

The classes will be started from Saturday 22 September 2018 (based on the timetable). Please check your timetable at → timetable to know the venue and exact date and time of lectures.

Note 2:

Please check the Academic timetable for session 2018-19 at ICTUMS Educational Affairs website for Adding and Dropping period (for 2 theoretical courses) and Emergency Drop (for one course) time. → Academic Calendar 2018-2016



Note 3:

Attendance for each lectures is compulsory. Please do not take any courses with clashes as the Educational Affairs of TUMS will not be responsible for the potential problems.

Any absences until the time that you select the course would be count on your record.

Note 4:

Students are responsible for checking the pre-requisites courses based on the program curriculums while they are selecting the unites. Please do not hesitate contact us via if you need any information.

The educational regulation and program curriculums are both available at


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