All Undergraduate International Students; MD & DDS programs

The course registration period is starting from September 12, 2015 for all students on above-mentioned programs without considering your term. Please come in person to the office at Educational Affairs building during working hours for registering coming semester courses. Additionally, make sure you already have an active TUMS desktop for further registration and academic activity.

Students must register each semester to attend courses.

If you are for some reason too late or unable to register during the course registration period, please inform us . E-mails received until the end of September 16th will be processed by the Educational Office.

The MD & DDS programs opening for Fall Session, 2015-2016

Begins Saturday, September 19th

The drop/add for Fall Session 2015-2016

Saturday, September 26- 30th, 2015

An emergency drop/add (one subject only) for Fall Session, 2015-2016

Saturday, November 28- December 2, 2015

Last Day of Classes Fall Session, 2015-2016

Late December 2015

Final Examination Fall Session, 2015-2016