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The report of cardiac MRI by Dr. Neda Pak

The report of cardiac MRI by Dr. Neda Pak
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Final Sabbatical Leave Report Form

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Name : Neda
Surname : Pak
From : Sunday, May 21, 2017
To : Monday, August 21, 2017
Position : Assistant professor
School/Research center : School of Medicine (International Campus)
E-mail :
subject : cardiac MRI
Venue : netherland
Sabbatical Leave Period : 3 months
Country : Netherlands Antilles
1.Brief summary of Leave : during these three months I was in cardiothoracic imaging center of ERASMUS hospital training in cardiac MRI , technical and reporting approach , but as just 3 days a week cardiac MRI was performed , I was going to Pediatric radiology department of Erasmus hospital training in pediatric radiology field mostly working on Neuroradiology and CF cases.also we worked on imaging of some cases of congenital heart anomalies and neuroradiology rare disease to publish related articles.
2.List the objectives of your sabbatical leave as listed in your proposal and indicate how completely they were met : 1- training in cardiac MRI , technical and reporting approach met satisfactory 2- training in CF MRI and CT scoring 3- training in pediatric neuroradiology MRI reporting
3.Acheivements(Publications,research, : few articles are publishing and we are cooperating on new research project in pediatric radiology field.
4.Assessment of Value of Sabbatical leave(benefits,faculty development,future professional activities,...) : for the first time in our hospital we established protocols for cardiac MRI as our hospital is the main pediatric hospital performing surgery of pediatric congenital heart diseases and as most of patients are pediatrics, MRI is a beneficial method lacking radiation dose and with great temporal resoloution. of course now we can use it for evaluating anatomical problems because of lack of proper workstation and software, and also as our hospital is a referral one for pediatric neurology cases, this sabbatical leave was very helpful in correct assessing of pediatric MRI. also we designed MRI protocol for Lung MRI in CF disease to be able to replace lung CT scan with MRI which is more beneficial in pediatric groups due to lack of radiation dose. lung MRI for CF staging is just performing in our hospital in Iran as its a new radiologic staging method.
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Department Head/Research Center Chair : professor G.P.Krestin
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