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The report of microsurgery by Dr. Amirmohsen Jalaeefar

The report of microsurgery by Dr. Amirmohsen Jalaeefar
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Final Sabbatical Leave Report Form

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Name : Amirmohsen
Surname : Jalaeefar
From : Tuesday, January 2, 2018
To : Monday, March 26, 2018
Position : Assistant professor
School/Research center : School of Medicine
subject : microsurgery
Venue : Chang Gung memorial hospital
Sabbatical Leave Period : 3 months
Country : Taiwan (Republic of China)
1.Brief summary of Leave : In Chang Gung memorial hospital i attended in the operating room everyday (Monday to Friday ) and observed 5-6 free flap surgeries for head and neck and breast reconstruction. Also I participated in some daily ward visits and weekly journal clubs and ward reports. After that i moved to another city and participated in IRCAD laparascopy workshop(under supervision of Strasburg university-France) and also spent 5 weeks in 2 different hospitals in minimally invasive surgery operating rooms.
2.List the objectives of your sabbatical leave as listed in your proposal and indicate how completely they were met : 1.Visiting a famous microsurgery ward : Well done 2.Getting familiar with head and neck reconstruction procedures:Well done 3.Making a good communication with other colleagues and professors:Well done
3.Acheivements(Publications,research, : No research or publication during this short period.
4.Assessment of Value of Sabbatical leave(benefits,faculty development,future professional activities,...) : I should state that the number and quality of procedures in microsurgery ward was really astonishing for me. After one month I felt that the amount of operations I had visited were enough for my practice and I that I had got what I was looking for. I corresponded with the IRCAD center and asked them to change my program. I moved to another city and spent 6 weeks there for advanced laparascopy training. I should mention that immediately after coming back I started to utilize what I learned there and till now 4 head and neck free flap reconstructions have been done by me with my colleagues corporation. Besides, I made acquaintance with famous professors from important centers for future activities. And finally I bought different valuable surgical instruments and brought them to my ward, finding which may be difficult here considering the recent sanctions.
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Department Head/Research Center Chair : professor Zafarghandi
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