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The report of Systematic review by Dr. Sama Bitarafan

The report of Systematic review by Dr. Sama Bitarafan
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Final Sabbatical Leave Report Form


Name : Sama
Surname : Bitarafan
From : Friday, June 21, 2019
To : Friday, September 20, 2019
Position : Assistant professor
School/Research center : Iranian Center of Neurological Research (ICNR)
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subject : Systematic review
Venue : Djavad Mowafaghian Center for Brain Health at the University of British Columbia
Sabbatical Leave Period : 3 months
Country : Canada
1.Brief summary of Leave : I choose the "Djavad Mowafaghian Center for Brain Health" at the University of British Columbia because its research groups are similar to the center that I am affiliated with now. The supervisor research field (Professor Helen Tremlett, Pharmaco-Neuro-epidemiologist and Head of Pharmaco-Epidemiology in Multiple Sclerosis Research Group) that I contacted is closed to my research field.
2.List the objectives of your sabbatical leave as listed in your proposal and indicate how completely they were met : I decided to experiment with international academic collaborations and produce a common proposal and form some collaboration between my center and CBH.
3.Acheivements(Publications,research, : My sabbatical resulted to a systematic review proposal that is under review in the PROSPERO for registering. Because of the short duration of my sabbatical leave (3 months), my supervisor (Helen) agreed I keep on my cooperation with her from Iran until writing and publishing the article.
4.Assessment of Value of Sabbatical leave(benefits,faculty development,future professional activities,...) : I think that sabbatical leaving to high ranking universities and research centers especially under supervision of the perfect faculties in the related research field can increase quality of functions for example teaching and research of faculty members. I have visited, involved and worked in the university of British Columbia (UBC) particular in Djavad Movafaghian center of brain health (DMCBH) for short duration (3 months). Visiting this international academic and research center with similar goals and research strategies to the center that I am affiliated with, have changed my views to concepts of "research field", "problem based research", and "collaboration to industry in research center". I was receiving scientific training in epidemiologic concepts in Pharmaco-Epidemiology in Multiple Sclerosis Research Group (PiMS) and expanded communication for exchanging research views. Joining to PiMS research group as a member let me know about the hot topics and process of all the projects in Multiple Sclerosis in the team. The importance of setting short and long term goals for a research system for research centers and even researchers for the servant became clear for me. My sabbatical topic was a systematic review on diet and Multiple Sclerosis. I have learned so much about determining the aims, designing the method, search strategy and how other disciplines are involved in the research. My supervisor was an epidemiologist and her research field was pharmacology and multiple sclerosis. I participated in all PiMS group meetings and educational seminars in CBH. Also my supervisor and I have a meeting every week that she was correcting my proposal in all parts. At the end of my sabbatical period my work resulted to a systematic review proposal that is registered in PROSPERO. However my sabbatical was short term (3 months), my supervisor agreed I keep on my cooperation with her and DMCBH from Iran until ending the project and publishing the article. I presented the Iranian center of neurological research (ICNR), the ICNR research strategies and the website of ICNR for designing other collaborations with CBH in future. I think the sabbatical can be an introduction to future cooperation. Undoubtedly, traveling to another country specifically for visiting academic centers can lead to familiarity with the culture of that people. On the other hand, speaking, challenging, discussing and reporting about my work in English was a perfect experience for me in my sabbatical period.
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