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TUMS Chancellor Meets DAAD Director

Dr. Jafarian, TUMS Chancellor, and Dr. Frans Stoeckel, Director of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in Iran, had a meeting aimed at developing academic exchanges.


Dr. Stoeckel who earlier had a speech at the First International IHES (International Higher Education Seminar), held on April 29-30, 2017, at TUMS Headquarters, was grateful about the subjects discussed at the seminar on the whole and the opportunity for having a speech about DAAD and its activities.


He explained that DAAD mainly focuses on the fields of science and research, and he stated that the center presents facilities for the applicants of German academic institutes and universities, students of tertiary levels, faculty members, academic staff, and specialists in the area of research. He added that DAAD supports young researchers who succeed in receiving invitations from German universities.


Dr. Stoeckel informed the participants of the opportunities that he, as the Director of German Academic Exchange Service, can provide to prepare the grounds for participation of TUMS faculty members at scientific conferences hosted by German universities. In addition, DAAD facilitates student exchange between TUMS and German academic institutes and universities, a list of which is available on DAAD website. Following the meeting, he added that as this center supports learning the languages of instruction in Germany, which are English and German, specialists in international affairs can take part in the language courses set up by DAAD.


TUMS officials participating this meeting brought up the subject of visa and its requirements, about which Dr. Stoeckel stated that the process of receiving visa can be facilitated for faculty members heading to German academic institutes and universities by the DAAD.


Dr. Jafarian, TUMS chancellor, pointed to the financial support of the university regarding faculty members' sabbatical leaves and stated that the collaboration of DAAD can be very influential in the upcoming academic exchanges between Iran and Germany. He also added that the sub-divisions and departments of the TUMS will be informed of the outcome of this meeting through TUMS Vice-Deans for International Affairs.



Courtesy of TUMS Public Relations (Reported by M. Vahidi)

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