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Meeting with the Participants of TUMS Summer School

International Recruitment and Marketing had a meeting with the Participants of the Field Epidemiology Summer Program at TUMS School of Public Health.


This meeting, which was held on August 30, 2017 at Building No. 2 of TUMS School of Public Health, was aimed at meeting the participants of the Field Epidemiology Summer Program in person, and introduce TUMS and its international activities. 
After a short introduction about TUMS and its history, the participants were asked to share their experiences from TUMS and visiting Iran. Various feedbacks were received explaining how some of them were amazed at their original experience, mentioning the differences between the image of Iran which put forward by mass media and the reality. 
Also, as some of the participants were TUMS international students and had been in Iran for several years, they had more to talk about TUMS, and they explained how satisfied they are with their choice among other study options, even in European countries.
They were also informed that a testimonial form will be sent to them when their program is over in order to receive their opinions about the whole program in writing. Promotional gift packages and brochures were presented to the participants, and the meeting was finished by taking a group photo in front of the building.


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