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White Coat Ceremony and Welcoming Ceremony for New Students

TUMS International Campus holds White Coat Ceremony and Welcome Ceremony for New Students and appreciates the premier professors and students.


In the ceremony of White Coat and welcoming the new students of TUMS International Campus which were held on Wednesday, September 20, 2017, TUMS officials, professors, students and their parents gathered at TUMS Headquarters.


TUMS Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs, Dr. Kheradmand, welcomed the new students and commenced his speech by explaining the value of white coat ceremony. He stated that the ceremony is the stage of entry for medical students into the clinical space and communication with patients, which pledges them to serve people with trustworthiness and trust in the duties they are entrusted with. It is the stage where they become obliged to their commitments which varies from punctuality to being updated in medical sciences.


TUMS chancellor, Dr. Jafarian, expressed optimism and satisfaction regarding the environment and potentials the university has created altogether. He addresses students and stated that: “The medical gown is a symbol of purity, and this symbol is the same throughout the world, meaning that your mind should be attached to the people in order to serve conscientiously so that a professional commitment can be created in you.”


Afterwards, the premier professors and students of TUMS International campus were appreciated by TUMS officials and applauds of the participants in the hall.


At the end of the ceremony, the code of medical ethics was read by one of the students of the international campus, by repeating of which, the students swore to remain committed to their professional responsibilities and never hesitate to serve people.


The ceremony came to its end by taking group photos of students and professors.


Please check out the photo gallery of this event.


Courtesy of TUMS Public Relations (Reported by Moghadam/ photos by J. Rabie'i)

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