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The Stufessor Festival at Shariati Hospital

Deputy for Education at Shariati Hospital held the Stufessor Festival for medical students.


This is the first Stufessor Festival, according to Shariati Hospital Public Relations, the first phase of which was held on Thursday, November 30, 2017, with the presence of 16 professors of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Dr. Mehrapoor, Shariati Hospital’s Head and Dr. Fatehi, the hospital’s Deputy for Education.


The festival, which has only been designed for a few months at Shariati Hospital, runs the executive stages with the participating medical students from around the country. The purpose of this festival is participation and involvement of medical students in the process of education.


Dr. Fatehi, Shariati Hospital’s Deputy for Education states that: “The preparation on this festival, which is actually a competition, was commenced in August and was developed with the assistance of the former deputy for education of the hospital. Dr. Fatehi also added that: “The purpose of this festival is to involve students in offering the best education and teaching methods”.


Through this competition, students are in the role of a teacher and present various methods of teaching a class or a subject in a group. In the first step, 70 teams registered and according to the checklist prepared for this festival, a number of 20 teams were judged at the preliminary stage, and 5 teams reached the final stage which is held on Saturday, December 18, 2017, with the presence of professors, referees, students and the audience. 


Courtesy of Shariati Hospital Public Relations Reported by: Masoumi Fard

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