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TUMS Hosts Ukrainian Delegate at School of Medicine

TUMS School of Medicine is the oldest school of the university which has developed its international activities vastly in the recent years.



TUMS School of Medicine was built in 1935 as the first school of University of Tehran. This school was the first modern higher education building in Iran. Nowadays, this school has almost 1,000 faculty members and educates the greatest population of TUMS international students, as well as a large population of Iranian physicians and doctors. 
TUMS School of Medicine has developed international cooperation with universities abroad with Dr. Rezaei, one of the top 1% scientists in the world, at the helm and the Vice-Dean for International Affairs, playing a crucial role in the recent international activities of this school.
One of the most recent activities of TUMS School of Medicine is the last visit of a delegation from Kharkiv University, Ukraine, who met with the officials of this school on December 9, 2017. A history of TUMS and the School of Medicine, as well as TUMS's procedures for signing international contracts and MoUs was explained to this delegation during their visit.  
Courtesy of TUMS School of Medicine
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