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The 3rd USERN mTalk

The USERN Miniture Talks (mTalks) are new features of USERN scientific events to link science and art.

Primary initiated in the 2nd USERN anniversary on December 31st 2017, the USERN Miniture Talks (mTalks) are new features of USERN scientific events to link science and art. The mTalk Series are also a context to link seniors and juniors. Another purpose of these exciting scientific events is to promote presentation skills of juniors in the meantime of presenting a scientific subject.

Beginning with a mTalk presented by a senior scientist, we have been honored to host well-known experts as Dr Azarakhsh Mokri, Dr Bahram Mobasher, Dr Shahab Anari, Mr Siavash Saffarianpour, Mr Mohammad Reza Alimardani, Ms. Shaghayegh Dehghan, Mr Ehsan Rezaei, and Mr Reza Amirkhani as our senior speakers so far.

The program will be then continued by short 6-minute talks of juniors. Interestingly, the artists also join the program in the meantime of each lecture, performing an art-work. The junior lecturers and artists are in a context of friendly competition and the best lecturer and artist of each course, will get the chance to compete in the final course of USERN mTalk. The best of bests will be the winner of the year! 16 talented junior speakers and artists and have also attended the mTalk competition so far.

Highly welcomed by the USERN audience in the past two series of USERN mTalks, we are honorably inviting you all to this new friendly competition. Interestingly, our next series of mTalkcompetition for juniors will be devoted to the English Speakers and all those who prefer to have their presentation in English!

Therefore, please submit your abstracts in English via the following link. Please note that your topics could be in any field of science, mainly focusing on general topics rather than highly professional ones! The abstract will be screened and the selected ones will be invited to an interview session in order to determine the final junior speakers of the next mTalk.

Looking forward to meeting you as one of our junior speakers in mTalk:

Deadline for registration: 20th of Esfand

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