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41st USERN Scientific Talk

In this series, USERN is proudly hosting Prof. Bahram Mobasher, Prof. Azarakhsh Mokri, and Mr. Siavash Saffarianpour as senior lecturers and the scientific jury.

Primary initiated in the 2nd USERN anniversary, the USERN Miniture Talks (mTalks) are new features of USERN scientific events to link science and art. The mTalk Series are also a context to link seniors and juniors. Beginini with a mTalk presented by a senior scientist, the program will be continued by short 6-minute talks of juniors. Interestingly, the artists join the program in the meantime of lecture, performing an art-work. The junior lecturers and artists are in a context of friendly competition and the best lecturer and artist of each course, will get the chance to compete in the final course of USERN mTalk. The best of bests will be the winner of the year!

Highly welcomed by the USERN audience in the past two series of USERN mTalks, we are honorably inviting you all to the 3rd mTalk Series which will be mainly focused on Physical Sciences and Neuroscience. The event will be held on March 11th (20th of Esfand) in Children’s Medical Center.

In this series, we are proudly hosting Prof. Bahram MobasherProf. Azarakhsh Mokri, and Mr. Siavash Saffarianpour as senior lecturers and the scientific jury.

Looking forward to seeing you in this event.

Deadline for registration: 15th of Esfand

Registration fee: 20,000 Iranian Tomans

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