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TUMS Celebrates its 2018 International Day

For the 5th consecutive year, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, celebrating its internationally-diverse student and faculty population, held a ceremony on March 5 and 6 on the occasion of its International Day.
Tehran University of Medical Sciences, celebrating its invigorating and inspiring efforts in the landscape of international higher education, held its annual ceremony of March 5th to bring the TUMS Family together on the university’s international day. 
At this ceremony, which saw the presence of the TUMS student population, numerous faculty members, as well as the university’s high-ranking authorities including TUMS Chancellor, Dr. Karimi, TUMS was host to a number of diplomatic guests and dignitaries. These guests, representatives of different embassies in Tehran, came from Afghanistan, Algeria, Armenia, Australia, Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Palestine, Portugal, Tajikistan, and Zimbabwe.
This ceremony was also host to a number of Iranian government officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. The former was represented by Dr. Mohammadi, Head of the Secretariat for the High Council of Overseas Iranian Affairs, and the latter by Dr. Asadi Lari, Deputy-Minister for International Affairs, both of who gave a short speech during the ceremony. 
As the main part of this two-day ceremony, TUMS international students held an exhibition, and each country from where TUMS has students, was presented by its citizens studying at this university. Students showed movie clips from their home countries, played their music, greeted exhibition visitors with local cuisines from their homeland, and explained in detail various aspects of their home. Moreover, all TUMS schools as well as the TUMS International Campus, presented their capacities and achievements as part of this exhibition.
Also present in this meeting were the current and former TUMS Vice-Chancellors for Global Strategies and International Affairs. Dr. Kordi and Dr. Arabkheradmand, alongside the Chancellor of the university, greeted the guests of this joyous event and took time to take photos alongside TUMS students, faculty members, and staff. 
The 2018 TUMS International Day ceremony, held at TUMS National Museum of Medical Sciences History in Amir Abad, Tehran, was the fifth time the university has celebrated its presence in the international arena of higher education. The main goal of this event, as stated by the TUMS Chancellor, is to reaffirm the commitment of the university to providing medical education and services to all human societies, and move beyond the boundaries of science and knowledge.
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