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World Health Day 2018

Since the first World Health Assembly in the year 1948 in Geneva held by the World Health Organization (WHO), 7th of April was announced as the official World Health Day, and people as well as health and medical organizations from all over the world celebrate this day annually.
In this celebration, the overall vision of WHO has been ‘Health for All’ through the years after the first event, and its goal is to raise awareness of the common people worldwide towards health issues and the importance of global health. The focus of this day is to increase common knowledge regarding life expectancy by promotion of having healthier lives and preventing the spread of disease through healthier living habits.
Every year, one specific and practical theme is chosen for the celebration which is also pursued the whole year ahead. In addition, several programs are organized by WHO and other health organizations in various places. Health authorities from across the world attend conferences, celebrations, and debates on related topics along with other programs including exhibitions, essay writing, competitions and award ceremonies organized to draw more attention to health issues.
To find out more about this internationally-celebrated day, refer to WHO's World Health Day campaign.
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