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TUMS Holds 7th Integrated Graduation Ceremony

The 7th Integrated Graduation Ceremony of Tehran University of Medical Sciences was held on Friday, 22nd July.



The 7th Integrated Graduation Ceremony of Tehran University of Medical Sciences was held on Friday, 22nd July, with the presence of the Dr. Bagher Larijani, Deputy-Minister for Education, Ministry of Health and Medical Education, the Senior Advisor to the Chancellor of the University, the heads of the schools, select professors, and about 2,000 TUMS graduates and their families at the Great Hall of the Ministry of Interior.


Dr. Bahadori, Head of the Office of Alumni Relations thanked all students and their families and also highlighted the consistent support of Dr. Karimi, the Chancellor of the University. 


“With the support of Dr. Larijani, the Office for Alumni Relations was established with the aim of demonstrating the greatness and integrity of the University. One of the aims of this office was holding integrated graduation ceremonies, which began seven years ago.” Dr. Bahadori added, referring to a 12-year history of establishing an office for connecting with graduate students.




Dr. Larijani, the Deputy-Minister for Education of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, congratulated graduates and their families and said: “Graduation is one of the important steps in the life of each of us.” He continued: “This stage is also very valuable to families, because they see the fruits of their efforts.”


Dr. Larijani added: “Our medical education is proceeding with a relatively specific strategy. Although 10–15 percent of the country's faculty members are active in the field of medical sciences, fortunately, 30 percent of the country's scientific output is in this area. This year is the first year that Iran has been declared the top country in scientific production in the region.”



After Dr. Larijani’s speech, the ceremony proceeded with paying homage to top professors and students.


After dinner, the ceremony ended at 21:00, with live music and performances by Babak Jahanbakhsh.


To see glimpses of this joyous occasion, please refer to the photo galleries.


Photo Gallery No.1, by Jamshid Rabiee

Photo Gallery No.2, by Hossein Akbarian

Photo Gallery No.3, by Elham Haghshenas



Courtesy of GSIA Public Relations

Photos by: Jamshid Rabiee


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