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TUMS and Afghanistan’s Khatam al-Nabieen University Sign an MOU

A memorandum of understanding was signed between Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Khatam al-Nabieen University, presented respectively by Dr. Kordi, TUMS Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs, and Dr. Sajjadi, President of Khatam al-Nabieen University on Wednesday, 1st August, 2018.



At the beginning of this meeting, Dr. Kordi outlined a history of the formation of TUMS. He added that the university has been successful in collaborating with international academic centers, universities, and international organizations in recent years, pointing out that those interactions have led to signing agreements and cooperation in exchanging professors and students. He also referred to TUMS’s 53 Afghan students, half of whom are M.Sc. students and eight who have already graduated.


Following this, Dr. Sajjadi mentioned the familiarity with Iran’s educational and scientific environment due to the large number of Afghan students who have been studying in Iran for a long time. He gave a description about the history and facilities of Khatam al-Nabieen University and also hoped for cooperating with Tehran University of Medical Sciences in conducting scientific seminars and conferences, research projects, and activities in the field of joint journals.


In the end, Dr. Sajadi invited the representatives of TUMS to visit Khatam al-Nabieen University and explore its capacities and potentials in order to collaborate further with Tehran University of Medical Sciences.


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Courtesy of TUMS Public Relations

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