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TUMS and Damascus University Sign an MoU

TUMS signs Memorandum of Understanding with Damascus University to further its international collaborations in the region.



An MoU was signed between TUMS and Damascus University during a meeting that was held on Monday, 24th September, 2018, in the presence of Dr. Karimi, the Chancellor of the University, Dr. Kordi, the Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Amirkhani, the Advisor to the Director General of International Relations of the Ministry of Health, and the Syrian ambassador to Iran, Dr. Adnan Mahmoud.


At the outset, Dr. Amirkhani appreciated Tehran University of Medical Sciences efforts for creating opportunities for the development of educational and research collaboration between Iran and Syria and said: “The efforts made by Dr. Adnan Mahmoud in Iran have also led to effective communication with the Iranian Ministries of Higher Education and Health.”


He pointed out his visit to Syria, accompanied by Dr. Hamidieh, head of the Department of Transplantation of Stem Cells at the Children's Medical Center, focusing on the development of science and technology for stem cell and bone marrow transplants in the country, and stated: "This mission has resulted in the visit of the Syrian Minister of Higher Education to Iran, understanding Iran's health and treatment capabilities, and signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Health.”


He stated that one of the main purposes of this memorandum is to support the establishment of the center for the stem cell transplantation center in the Damascus Children's Hospital.


Then, Dr. Adnan Mahmoud, the Syrian Ambassador to Iran, praised the efforts made to prepare the memorandum of understanding between Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Damascus University and said: "Undoubtedly, this memorandum will facilitate the establishment of the scientific and medical cooperation between Iran and Syria."


Referring to the fact that the main goal of the interactions is the scientific partnership between the universities and scientific centers of the two countries, he added: “Using the capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Tehran University of Medical Sciences in redevelopment of the hematopoietic stem cell transplant center in Damascus can be an effective step in future collaboration.” He also expressed hope that the cooperation will be extended to other areas.


In addition, Dr. Karimi, also introduced the Tehran University of Medical Sciences as the oldest and largest medical university in Iran. He continued with putting emphasis on increasing opportunities for students from Syria at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences and providing grounds for development in the future. He pointed out the excellent level of political and strategic cooperation between the two countries, but also mentioned the inadequacies felt in cultural, scientific, and educational sectors.


At the end of this meeting, the MoU between TUMS and Damascus University was signed by Dr. Karimi.


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Reported by: Mahnaz Vahidi

Photos by: Jamshid Rabiee

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