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Interview with Dr. Tabatabaei Regarding International Students Technology Ambassadors Meeting

Interview with Dr. Nasrollah Tabataei, Manager of the International Division at the Office of University’s Relationship with Industries on the Occasion of International Students Technology Ambassadors Meeting



Technology plays the most crucial role in today’s world and companies all around the world are trying to keep pace with this global trend in order to maintain their status and join and penetrate markets more efficiently.  


The Technology Ambassadors Division is a new step in this direction designed for the first time with the international students of the Tehran University of Medical Sciences in mind, whose cooperation brings an opportunity to introduce and develop the market for technology companies. During an interview which took place after the meeting of the Technology Ambassadors on 30th October, 2018, Dr. Nasrollah Tabatabaei, Assistant Professor at the School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine explained the importance of the meeting.


He pointed out that the 4th Market Techniques Conference will be held on 11th-12th November, 2018, concentrating technologically productive universities. Dr. Tabatabaei explained that the new strategy of this division is to involve international graduate students in order to attract a global audience and estimate the potential capacities.


Additionally, he defined the mission of the meeting: Introducing the Office of University’s Relationship with Industries, TTO (Technology Transfer Office) and the cycles of research market, the Conference, and internationalization plan for the Conference and International Ambassadors.


To conclude, Dr. Tabatabaei indicated that International Ambassadors are volunteers who become familiarized with the services and products of University’s science-based companies, analyze their respective countries’ markets, and submit a proposal for which financial aids could be proportioned as well. He further clarified that with the support from the Office of Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs, such analyses will help the Office at noticing new markets and provides the grounds for collaboration with international students after their graduation. 


Reported by Seyyedeh Fatemeh Javadi


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