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Ph.D. in Nursing



A Doctor of Philosophy is the highest degree awarded in nursing by universities in many countries. Doctoral programs in nursing prepare the student for work in nursing education, health care administration, clinical research, or advanced clinical practice. Ph.D. is a unique degree in that it is not focused on acquiring more knowledge. Doing a Ph.D. is oriented around research. Most Ph.D. programs have three components. Some course work to provide the breadth of knowledge, some methods to develop the depth of knowledge in the chosen area of study, and a thesis that provides the experience of working on research problems.



A Ph.D. in nursing is the highest level of nursing education. Graduates of this program can work as faculty members in universities and educational/research centers.


The Aim of the Course


Values and Beliefs

Nursing profession deals with the health of human beings, which is a multidimensional entity with unique personal, physical, mental, social, and moral characteristics. Furthermore, based on the society’s values, nursing profession must respect human rights and create social justice. Graduates of the program will play a critical role in the health and wellbeing of the society in the areas of prevention, care, treatment, rehabilitation, education and research. This increases the motivation among nurses and promotes professional services.



The mission of the nursing Ph.D. program is to train and educate expert professionals who are;

  • Familiar with todays’ scientific advances and knowledge,
  • Capable, responsible, committed to professional ethics
  • Sensitive towards the health of individuals and society
  • Ready to use their expertise in the areas of prevention to rehabilitation in their community.



In 10 years’ time, this program will cause the country to be among the top countries in the region, in terms of strategic partnership in the production and development of basic applied science and quality research, improvement in the quality of nursing services within the specialized promotion of national standards which is consistent with international standards of nursing education, preparation for recruiting efficient scientific and specialist in the country and attracting students from other countries of the region.



The main aims of this program are as follow:

  • Train professional education instructors and researchers
  • Provide human resources required by national universities
  • Achieve professional self-sufficiency



School : School of Nursing and Midwifery
Department : Nursing
Curriculum : Download
Major : Nursing
Level : Ph.D.
Course Description : Students who complete the requirements of this program successfully will be given a PhD in nursing.
Course Duration : 8 semesters


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