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Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering (Bioelectric)

The discipline of biomedical engineering is an integration of engineering, basic sciences, medical sciences and biology, acting as a bridge toward modern technology through the study of the principles and performance of living systems and the application of biological and physiological data on human body. This discipline plays a significant role in different areas such as biomedical instrumentation, modeling and controlling biological systems, processing of biological signals and medical images, robotics in medical design, neural networks, modeling the structure and human brain functions, rehabilitation engineering and artificial organs.


Duration: According to the code approved by the High Council of Education Planning, this Ph.D. program consists of two levels of education and research.

Number of credits: 46

Education Level:

At this level, students are required to pass 24 specialized credits as decided by the education department and confirmed by the council of graduate studies of the university.

Research Level and Thesis:

Students, who have passed the comprehensive exam, will register for the thesis writing level. The Ph.D. program will be over as soon as students defend their thesis and get the passing mark.


Detailed information regarding course credits for this program can be downloaded here.

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