Program Description


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a growing and evolving imaging technology of great technical complexity in the medical diagnostic field. Knowledge of the technology and operation of the MRI equipment is essential to make optimal use of the technique and will provide future opportunities for those trained in this modality. Our MRI Certificate Training program is designed to meet the needs of Technologists entering the field of magnetic resonance imaging. This program constitutes a classroom and hospital training in MRI. Critical thinking and problem solving skills are emphasized throughout the program, to help students gain a practical understanding of MRI. MRI Education Group provides instruction in basic technical concepts, imaging procedures, quality control issues, and patient safety. Our complete training program includes preparation for the ARRT MRI Registry Examination and student MRI Clinical practice training. Our Hands-On clinical training is a useful learning aid in providing on-the-job training performing preliminary studies in MRI.


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  • Dr. Elahe Jazayeri, Email:
  • Dr. Farideh Pak, Email:


Tel: +98 21 77528468


Program Objectives


At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain and review the basic principles of magnetic resonance imaging.
  • Utilize appropriate MR pulse sequences in clinical imaging.
  • Recognize and minimize MRI artifacts.
  • Incorporate current knowledge of biological effects and safety considerations when working in the MR environment.
  • Describe techniques in manipulating MR parameters to optimize image quality.
  • Explain proper selection and usage of MR coils to optimize image quality.
  • Understand and demonstrate proper screening for patients and personnel when working in an MRI environment


Method of Instruction


  • Lecture
  • Lecture-discussions
  • Demonstrations
  • Practicing hands-on skills


Program Location


TUMS School of Allied Medical Sciences ( lectures, lecture-discussions) and Imam Khomeini Hospital Imaging Center ( demonstrations, practicing hands-on skills)


Program Directors


  • Dr. Vahid Changizi


Program Instructors


  • Dr. Elahe Jazayeri
  • Dr. Farideh Pak


Numbers and Dates


Number Of Positions Offered 5
Program Duration Four weeks
Program Start Date August 11, 2018
Program Finish Date September 8, 2018
Application Deadline May 30, 2018
Tuition Fee $500


Who Can Attend


Graduate practitioners with a minimum degree in technology of radiology may apply directly. We welcome applications from those with alternative qualifications and/or significant relevant clinical experience, subject to approval through a process of accreditation of prior experiential learning.





  • Minimum knowledge about medical imaging technology
  • English speaking efficiently




How To Apply


All applicants should apply online. Please note there is no in-person admission. You can fill in the Online Application Form and upload all the required documents. For more information on online application procedure please contact


Visa Application


TUMS will assist you in obtaining your visa after you are admitted. All international students are required to obtain a student visa from the Iranian Consulate/Embassy in their home country before departing for Iran. After we receive your completed Visa Application Form (VAF), at least 6 to 8 weeks should be allowed for the completion of the visa application. Student will enter Iran with a one-month visa. After visiting their school and familiarizing themselves with the schedule and surroundings, students will be accompanied to the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology in order to extend their student visa (if necessary).




If you require accommodation, you will be given the opportunity to use our international dormitories located close to campus in Tehran at student rate.