Update Date : Wednesday, May 9, 2018   

Critic of Qualitative Nursing


Program Description


In this program after introduction to qualitative research, we will teach how to critic the some type of qualitative research. In this course we will teach to participant how to critic the grounded theory, phenomenology and mix method study. Every participant in this course must be an active person in the class. They must participant in the class discussion. After that based on explanation about the specific topic, they must critic one article and present it in the class. So they will learn some issues about these types of research and they could learn how to use this skill in order to judge the article in the journal.


Contact Person


Dr. Shokoh Varaei, Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Surgical Nursing

Tel.: (+98) 912 218 6498

Email: shvaraei@tums.ac.ir


Program Objectives


Critic the grounded theory study; Critic the phenomenology study; Critic the mix method study; Use the best skills for offering critic on publish article in the journal.


Method of Instruction


The methods of instruction will be lectures, lecture-discussions, and using skills for judging articles published based on grounded theory, phenomenology, and mix method study.

Program Location


TUMS School of Nursing and Midwifery, Nosrat St., Tohid Sq., Tehran 141973317, Iran

Program Directors


Dr. Shokoh Varaei, Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Surgical Nursing


Program Instructors


Dr. Shokoh Varaei, Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Surgical Nursing


Numbers and Dates


Number Of Positions Offered 10
Program Duration 3 days
Program Start Date August 5, 2018
Program End Date August 7, 2018
Application Deadline June 5, 2018
Tuition Fee $200


Who Can Attend


The target audience for this course will be postgraduate students, faculty members, and researchers who have some knowledge about the principles of research, specifically qualitative research, and are keen on learning about qualitative research.



How To Apply


All applicants should apply online. Please note there is no in-person admission. You can fill in the Online Application Form and upload all the required documents. For more information on online application procedure please contact admission@tums.ac.ir


Visa Application


TUMS will assist you in obtaining your visa after you are admitted. All international students are required to obtain a student visa from the Iranian Consulate/Embassy in their home country before departing for Iran. After we receive your completed Visa Application Form (VAF), at least 6 to 8 weeks should be allowed for the completion of the visa application. Student will enter Iran with a one-month visa. After visiting their school and familiarizing themselves with the schedule and surroundings, students will be accompanied to the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology in order to extend their student visa (if necessary).




If you require accommodation, you will be given the opportunity to use our international dormitories located close to campus in Tehran at student rate.