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Differential Diagnosis in Optometry and Ophthalmology

Form A: Program Suggestion Prerequisites
Basic Information
Full Name of Major : Differential Diagnosis in Optometry and Ophthalmology
Name of School/Research Center/Hospital : School of Rehabilitation
If Other, please specify: :  
Program Description : This short course has been designed to outline differential diagnosis of disorders that involve anterior segment and posterior segment of the eye. It also provides differential diagnosis of common visual symptoms and signs, such as visual disturbance, visual complaint, head position, and visual field defects. In addition, extra information is provided regarding general issues in differential diagnosis, anterior chamber angle and ocular surface, optical considerations, normative data, useful tables, tolerance, and visual hygiene. A complete list of differential diagnosis is simply introduced for each particular visual symptom and sign to relieve quickly the diagnosis of the patient in a routine clinical ophthalmic practice. The course has been focused on differential diagnosis of the eye disorders based on clinical symptoms and signs. Therefore, differential diagnosis of clinical manifestation of various eye disorders is based on their presentations.
Program Duration : Intensive course in one month (twenty sessions) and extensive course in three months (sixty sessions)
Contact Person (Submitter)
Full Name : Ali Nouraeinejad
Position : Assistant Professor
Affiliation : Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Email :
Telephone Number :  
Cellphone Number : +98-21-77533939
Form B: Complementary Information
Additional Information
Name of Department : Optometry
Program Curriculum :  
Program Objectives : Introduction to differential diagnosis of the eye disorders based on clinical symptoms and signs
Method(s) of Instruction : This course will be presented by lectures, lecture-discussions, demonstrations, case reports, and hospital record analysis.
Program Instructor(s) : Ali Nouraeinejad
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Tuition Fee :  
Eligibility Criteria
Who Can Attend? : Postgraduate optometrists, graduate optometry students, optometry students, ophthalmology residents, and medical students.
Eligibility : To be just enthusiastically interested in the eye.
English language proficiency: Medium


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