The Hygienic Principles and Regulations of Residency in Dormitories


1-  The cleaning of the rooms is the duty of students themselves. It is necessary at least every two weeks books and other means of the room be displaced and the area be cleaned.

2-  Refrain from throwing trash in the public place of the dormitory seriously.

3-  Keep the foodstuff such as rice, cooking oil, tea and sugar cube in vacuum containers.

4-  For avoiding the gathering and propagating the insects and rodents, refrain from throwing the trash around the trash buckets strictly and try to keep your dormitory clean.

5-  Refrain from keeping the garbage uncovered especially at night strictly.

6-  The students should wash their dishes immediately and refrain from keeping the dishes undone in dormitory especially at night.

7-  Refrain from keeping superficial means like extra pieces of wood and cardboard in the rooms and around the beds.

8-  Refrain from keeping empty parcels of egg or empty tins of cooking oil and etc. in any purpose in the area of dormitory.

9-  The students must turn off the cookers before they leave the kitchen.

10-  After using the cookers, clean the surface and the vicinity of them.

11-  Don’t leave the water running and with use the taps appropriately avoid them from dripping.

12-  When the students leave the rooms they must turn off the lights.

13- After using electrical equipment they must unplug them.

14-  They mustn’t leave the key in the lock after exiting the units.

15-  They must put their shoes in the shoebox and don’t leave them on the staircase.

16-  For sanitary, keep the foodstuff like meat and vegetables that are necessary and easy to rotten in the refrigerator.

17- The students must consider the capacity of the refrigerator and the door of fridge must be kept close permanently.

18-  For avoiding the contamination into the refrigerator clean the primary materials provided from the market like (fruits and vegetables) must be washed and then put them in the fridge.

19-  The students must keep the interior parts of the fridge clean. So, they must unplug the fridge and clean inside it every month.

20-   For avoiding the contiguous (fungus) disease, refrain from spreading the washed clothes in corridors and staircases.

21-  Bath means like scrubbing mitten, loofa, towel, and also slippers, scarf, hat and sleeping means must be private. So the students mustn’t use each other means.

22-  The students must report the exposing of contiguous disease or contamination of the area by insects and rodents to the person in charge.

23-  By opening the door or the windows, fresh the air of the room.

24-  All the people who live in the dormitory are obliged to avoiding the clogging the sewage, public services, kitchen, bathroom, w. c. , and refrain from throwing trash, paper, piece of cloth and etc. into the canals. Either way the person or persons must pay the price and if they repeat the action they will banished from the residency permanently.


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