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Third Applied Linguistics Webinar Session Held at TUMS


The third session of TUMS Applied Linguistics Webinar Series I, was held virtually by the Department of Foreign Languages at the International College of Tehran University of Medical Sciences on 12 August, 2020. The virtual session, which was co-chaired by Dr. Yasin Yazdi, the director of the webinar series, and Dr. Enayat A. Shabani, the Head of the Department, was attended by professors of applied linguistics, researchers, language instructors, and graduate students of applied linguistics and related fields from several countries and a host of universities. The keynote speaker of the session was Dr. Javad Gholami, Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics at the Department of English and Director of International Relations Office at Urmia University. In his inspiring talk entitled “Principles of Instructed Language Learning and their Embodiment in EFL classes in Iran”, Dr. Gholami reviewed a spectrum of theories and models pertaining to instructed language acquisition and provided their down-to-earth practical representations in the actual contexts of EFL/ ESL classes. Meanwhile, he gave reference to EFL classes in Iran in light of the discussed principles and outlined some major areas for improvement in EFL classes. The webinar concluded with a lively Q & A session, and a good number of appreciation emails and requests to share the slides of the presentation were received afterwards.


















































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