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Seminar Feedback and Evaluation Questionnaire

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this Seminar evaluation. Your comments will enable us to better plan and execute future Seminars and  conferences and tailor them to meet your needs.



Seminar President

Mohammad Hossein Nekoofar, DDs. MSc. PhD


Evaluation Questionnaire
Please specify the main reason for attending IHE Seminar*

Did the IHE Seminar fulfill your reason for attending*

What was the most beneficial aspect of IHE Seminar for you*

Which speaker(s) were you mostly interested in listening to*

Which panel(s) did you find the most beneficial*

Please indicate your overall satisfaction with IHE Seminar in details
Keynote speakers' speaches*

Discussion panel: The German Research Landscape and Funding Opportunities*

Discussion panel: Mobiliy and Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications*

Discussion panel: Importance of Strategic Thining in Internationalization of Higher Education*

Accreditation Round Table*

Ranking Round Table*

Organization of IHE Seminar*

Audiovisual Material of IHE Seminar*

Audiovisual material includes intermission video clips, video clips before each speaker's speech and etc.

Website content*

Food and Entertainment*

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