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Alireza Houshmand

Reichsstr. 102A, 14052 Berlin,Germany




Professional biography:

Since 1994 passing medical School and Dental Scholl in Germany with double full-approbation at the Charite University Berlin. 2001-2012 at the department of Maxillo-Facial and Plastic-Reconstructive Surgery Charité Berlin.2010 passing the exam as a Consultant in Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery; 2012 Additional Title Plastic-Reconstructive Surgeon. Since 2012 in my own private clinic for Head and Neck Surgery. Since 2014 Consultant and responsible for Reconstructive Section at Werner Forssmann clinic Eberswalde. Since 2016 Teaching Staff at the Dental Clinic Charité.Since 2012 Associated Professor at the TUMS.

On 2015, Dr. Houshmand was presented with the TUMS Distinguished Visiting Professor Title for the duration of 2015-2018 by Dean of School of Dentistry.

Research interests:

  • Microvascular and Microsurgical Reconstruction-Surgery

  • Bone Substitute Materials

  • Hard- and Softtissue Regeneration

  • Implantology

  • Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


During his presence at TUMS, he has visited the School of Dentistry, in particular Department of Maxillo-Facial-Surgery. He is also participate in a regularly workshop two times per year for each two weeks at the Department of Cranio-Maxillo-Facial surgery under the Leadership of Professor Dr. Mohamad Bayat.


Dr. Houshmand is currently supervising thesis on these subjects:

  • Fully resorbable bone substitute Materials for alveolar ridge augmentation based on magnesium alloys .

  • Microvascular supportant of synthetic bone substitute materials in situ.

  • Comparing of different skin substitute materials.