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Office of Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies & International Affairs
Directorate of International Relations
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Int'l Relations | Procedure



 Directorate of International Relations, Accreditation and Ranking assists schools, departments, research centers and hospitals with their international agreements by providing professional guidance from start to the end by tracking status throughout the review, approval and signature process. We also provides templates or creates custom-made agreements for your schools, departments, research centers and hospitals should need be.


Provided that you appeal to the support and guidance from, the following guidelines should be followed when entering an MoU with Tehran University of Medical Sciences. You should send your proposal to the international director of the school, research center or hospital.


The international director should:

1.  Gain approvals from his/her dean.

2.  Fill out the International Agreement Application Form, and send it to the Directorate of International Relations, Accreditation and Ranking to see if any agreements already exist with the international institution. If an agreement is already in place, he/she should work with this office to decide whether to create a new agreement or add an addendum to the existing agreement or implement the existing agreement.

3.  Prepare an initial draft of the agreement using the university MOU templates. The information required in the form should be written in consultation with the international institution in order that they arrive at a mutually agreeable document.

4.  Make all changes and send the final draft of the agreement to this office for final analysis. We will return the analyzed agreement to the initiating department, for obtaining signatures from the international institution. The agreement is not final until both sides have signed the agreement.

5.  Keep one copy of the signed agreement and send one copy of the original document to this office.

6.  Observe the progress of the agreement with the international institution and send a report of the process of its implementation to this office.

7.  Within five months of the agreement expiring, contact the coordinator of the international institution to specify their interest in continuing or renewing the collaboration.




 This Directorate provides the following templates for you to choose from. Should you need an agreement no presented in our templates, please do not hesitate to contact us.


General Academic Memorandum of Understanding

This agreement is a general statement of intent to cooperate, and that the parties will sign further agreements regarding specific collaborations.


Faculty Exchange Agreement

TUMS and international institution faculty may collaborate on research or teaching. Faculty will be compensated by the home institution.


Student Exchange Agreement

TUMS and international institution students may study abroad. Students pay tuition to their home institutions.


Research Agreement

TUMS and international institution will enhance and promote research and development in the fields of Health and Medical Education.


Individual Agreement of Cooperation

Scientists from international institutions can initiate their collaboration with TUMS autonomously.


Collaboration Agreement for University-Led Projects

TUMS leads academic projects in favor of the company with which it signs the agreement.  


Sistership Agreement

Through signing this Agreement, both parties will collaborate in various areas such as joint research projects, international conferences, exchange of accreditation procedures, etc.