Office of the Chairman


 Office Clerk

 Phone Number: 81634213      Faculty Administrative Affairs, Duty on call, and Guiding the client


Education Office

Simin Zolfaghari

 International Education Coordinator

 Phone Number: 81634200       Supervision and Monitoring of the Educational Affairs

Roya Karimi

 Educational Assistant

 Phone Number: 81634201    Assisting Educational Affairs, Website Admin

Ashkan Shahbazi

 Graduate Affairs Officer

 Phone Number: 81634220 Graduation Affairs


Research Office

Haniye Akbari

 Research Administrator

 Phone Number: 81634202  Tracking and registering final marks

 Tracking of theses and research projects registration in the Research Assistant System


Akram Maleki

 Laboratory Administrator

 Phone Number: 81634227  Monitoring the performance of Laboratory Activities

Alale Bayat Baroni

 Lab Technician

 Phone Number: 81634227 Preparing solutions and culture media


Accounting Office

Feriyal Khanghah

 Financial Affairs Director

 Phone Number: 81634218 Monitoring financial services

Khorshid Karimi


 Phone Number: 81634203    Providing professional accounting




Skill Lab (Baharloo Hospital)

Dr. Majid Akrami


 Head of Skill Lab

 Phone Number: 55658500-11 Managing skill lab activities

Fatemeh Bayat

 Skill Lab Technician

 Phone Number: 55658500-11 (Internal 413) Planning and scheduling skill lab activities




Educational Affairs (Baharloo Hospital)


Masomeh Abedinpoor


Educational Officer

Phone Number: 55687175     Doing educational affairs of hospital department



Educational Affairs (Ziaeian Hospital)


Sepideh Samimi

Chief Educational Officer

Phone Number: 55745975    Responsible for educational affairs of hospital department