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Mahmoud Radwan's Thesis Defense

Mahmoud Radwan defended his thesis on April 28, 2018.

Student's Name:  Mahmoud Radwan

Program:  Health Policy

Level: PhD

School: Public Health

Thesis Title: Healthcare Provider's Adherence to Clinical Practice Guideline for Diabetes Mellitus in Gaza-Palestine”.


1.       To appraise the methodological quality of the existing CPG for DM using the AGREE II instrument.

2.       To explore the level of the provider's current adherence to the existing CPG for DM.

3.       To examine the association between the socio-demographic characteristics of providers and the adherence to CPG for DM.

4.       To determine the main perceived barriers and their associations with the healthcare provider’s adherence to CPG for DM.

5.       To investigate the association between the OC and the provider's adherence to CPG.

6.       To explore the perspectives and experiences of senior doctors and nurses towards the barriers of adherence to diabetes guideline.

Supervisor/s: Dr. Akbari Sari

Advisor: Dr. Takian

Defense Outcome: Passed







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