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IC-TUMS Research Council Members


IC-TUMS Research Council Members:

1- Dr. KordiTUMS Vice Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs

2- Dr. SahraianTUMS Vice Chancellor for Research 

3- Dr. EsmaillzadehTUMS-IC Vice Dean for Research Affairs

4- Dr. Abdollahi, Vice Chairman for the Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Center

5- Dr. Dehpour, Professor at the Pharmacology Department

6- ِDr. AminianDean of the School of Medicine

7- Dr. SodagarDean of the School of Dentistry

8- Dr. Sadat EbrahimiDean of the School of Pharmacy

9- Dr. Eftekhari, School of Medicine Vice Dean for Research 

10- Dr. DibajiSchool of Dentistry Vice Dean for Research

11- Dr. Monsef EsfahaniSchool of Pharmacy Vice Dean for Research 

Also, the secretaries of the meetings assigned by the IC-TUMS Vice Dean for Research Affairs are Ms. Zamiri and Ms. Salehi.


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B.Izadiyar, Office of VP for Research Affairs