Under-graduate section

This part aims at treatment of children and adolescents using removable orthodontic appliances performed by undergraduate students, supervised by faculty members.

Post-graduate section

Post graduate program is a 3 year course which trains post graduate students for treatment of dental irregularities and more complicated dentofacial deformities by both fixed and removable appliances.

Craniofacial orthodontic fellowship

This program has recently been run and focuses on treatment of patients suffering from different craniofacial syndromes and complicated maxillofacial problems.

Cleft lip & palate section

This section is allocated to infants with cleft lip and palate. Fellowship students of craniofacial orthodontics prepare them for plastic lip surgery and provide them with appliances to facilitate eating.  

Department`s main goals:

A.    Education: We instruct basic and advanced orthodontic treatments to under and post graduate dentistry students. Training of the dental technicians is also performed by our department.

B.     Research: several research studies and thesis have been carried out in this department and their results have been published in different accredited dental journals.

C.  Treatment: the department of Orthodontics offers treatments with fixed and removable appliances under precise supervision of faculty members.

You can find more informations about the course details here.