Introduction and objectives of the Department of Education:


Educational Office of Tehran University of Medical Sciences in coordinating with Main Educational Department of TUMS regulates the majority of International Students Educational services.


Primary Tasks :

  • Strategic Plans policy in Education of Home and International Students
  • Evidence-based Educational planning
  • Developing Academic Authority
  • Target-based Expansion & Development of Academic Majors
    • Concentration of the Educational System on Developing Advanced Knowledge & Technology in Health
    • Developing Graduate Clinical Specialty & Sub- specialty Education upon National and International needs planning
  • Managing Educational Systems Human Resources
  • Increasing Educational Systems Effectiveness via Content & Process- based Alterations
  • Reforming the outlooks towards educational systems clients
  • Supporting the Elite & the Distinguished training

The focus of Tehran University of Medical Sciences attention in Education:

Elevating quality education and achieving national and international accreditation is one of the TUMS goals, which will enhance the training of the necessary academic man-power at national level more effectively.


Additionally, TUMS Educational office tries to play a more effective role in promoting health and medicine in our society, as well as to pay attention to the gifted and talented students so we can generate an expert and reliable body in health and medicine. The other center of attention at global level at TUMS is focusing on developing and expanding graduate and postgraduate fields, which will generate the necessary academic body at health and medical sides both for the medical universities and for research centers.


Maintaining medical reform achievements is the last, but not least, of the issues of Tehran University of Medical Sciences consideration. We will do our best to expand improvements from general medicine to other fields.