Department of Ophthalmology

The hospital is now over 80 years old. Founded by the late Prof Mohammad-Gholi Chams, an iconic figure in the 1930s of Iran and the region, and the 1st chair of ophthalmology in the 1st specialized eye hospital, and the first and the most important body in ophthalmology leadership in Iran. The construction of the Department of Ophthalmology building with the area of 13,102 m2 was started in 1942 and ended in 1945. It was officially opened in Nov. 23rd, 1946.



As Iran's most prestigious institute in Ophthalmology and relying on our background, available facilities, and being single-specialty, we have committed to provide comprehensive, diverse and up-to-date range of basic, specialized and sub-specialized ophthalmic services - inpatient and surgery - especially to low-income people in Tehran and in the country and in ophthalmic emergencies 24 hours a day.


As the Chair of Ophthalmology at TUMS, our mission is to provide training to the required human resources in general (medical student), specialized (residency), sub-specialized (fellowship) levels.


Innovation and edge of knowledge expansion in ophthalmology, especially in new national, regional, and technological fields, introduction of new educational methods, establishment of complementary (and interdisciplinary) programs, local and international researcher training, and improving public health and prevention of blindness are among our missions in research scope.


We want to be pioneer and distinguished at University and in the country by honoring patients and their companions, developing ethics and professional capacity, achieving personnel satisfaction (through discrimination prevention, meritocracy governance, and public participation), benefiting from IT, respecting safety, occupational, and professional standards, clinical governance, improving efficiency and quality, and having commitment to environmental requirements to provide a model in organizational excellence in health sector. Currently, the department has 51 faculty members.


International Activities

  • German-Iranian ICO Fellowship: Three months fellowship (clinical or research) for young Iranian ophthalmologists is awarded to the winner of the annual competition of Shams Festival on Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences.


Faculty Members and Research Interests

  • Dr. Nazanin Adib: Vitreoretinal Diseases
  • Dr. Mohammad Reza Akbari Baghbani: Strabismus
  • Dr. Fatemeh Alipour: Cornea and Anterior Segment
  • Dr. Amir Houshang Behesht Nejad: Cornea and Anterior Segment
  • Dr. Yadollah Eslami: Glaucoma
  • Dr. Hooshang Faghihi: Vitreoretinal Diseases
  • Dr. Ghasem Fakhraei: Glaucoma
  • Dr. Mohammad Reza Fallah Tafti: Cornea and Anterior Segment
  • Dr. Masoud Aghsaei Fard: Strabismus
  • Dr. Seyed Reza Ghaffari: Cornea and Anterior Segment
  • Dr. Navvab Ghasemi: Cardiology
  • Dr. Fariba Ghassemi: Vitreoretinal Diseases
  • Dr. Hamed Ghassemi: Cornea and Anterior Segment
  • Dr. Seyed Hesam Hashemian: Cornea and Anterior Segment
  • Dr. Seyed Mohammad Naser Hashemian: Cornea and Anterior Segment
  • Dr. Mahmoud Jabarvand Behrouz: Cornea and Anterior Segment
  • Dr. Mansooreh Jamshidian: Orbit and Oculoplasty
  • Dr. Reza Karkhaneh: Vitreoretinal Diseases
  • Dr. Abolfazl Kasaee: Orbit and Oculoplasty
  • Dr. Alireza Khodabandeh: Vitreoretinal Diseases
  • Dr. Mehdi Khodaparast: Cornea and Anterior Segment
  • Dr. Hasan Khojasteh Jafari: Vitreoretinal Diseases
  • Dr. Alireza Lashay: Vitreoretinal Diseases
  • Dr. Golshan Latifi: Cornea and Anterior Segment
  • Dr. Arash Mirmohammadsadeghi: Strabismus and Pediatrics
  • Dr. Ahmad Mirshahi: Vitreoretinal Pediatric
  • Dr. Ali Moeinfar: Cardiology
  • Dr. Sasan Moghimi: Glaucoma         
  • Dr. Massood Mohammadi: Glaucoma
  • Dr. Seyed-Farzad Mohammadi: Cornea and Anterior Segment
  • Dr. Mehrdad Mohammadpour: Cornea and Anterior Segment
  • Dr. Masoomeh Mohebbi: Cornea and Anterior Segment
  • Dr. Farzad Pakdel: Orbit and Oculoplasty
  • Dr. Firoozeh Rahimi: Cornea and Anterior Segment
  • Dr. Mohammad Taher Rajabi: Orbit and Oculoplasty
  • Dr. Mohammad Riazi Esfahani: Vitreoretinal Diseases
  • Dr. Ramak Roohipoor: Vitreoretinal Diseases
  • Dr. Mohammad Soleimani: Cornea and Anterior Segment
  • Dr. Seyed Ali Tabatabaei: Vitreoretinal Diseases
  • Dr. Seyed Ziaeddin Tabatabai Mohammadi: Orbit and Oculoplasty
  • Dr. Zakieh Vahedian Ardakani: Glaucoma
  • Dr. Mohammad Ali Zare Mehrjardi: Cornea and Anterior Segment
  • Dr. Mohammad Zarei: Vitreoretinal Diseases
  • Dr. Reza Zarei: Glaucoma
  • Dr. Mehran Zarei Ghanavati: Cornea and Anterior Segment


Facilities and Equipment

  • Skill Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Genetics & Ophthalmic Genetics Lab
  • Clean Room
  • Animal Lab
  • Nano-Ophthalmology Lab
  • Proteomics Lab


Head of Department 

Dr. Ghasem Fakhraei

Tel.: (+98 21) 5542 1113 - (+98 21) 554 21813

Fax: (+98 21) 5540 9095


Mailing Address: Farabi Comprehensive Center of Excellence in Ophthalmology, Qazvin Square, Tehran, 1336616351, Iran


Contact Person

Dr. Ramak Roohipour

Tel.: (+98 21) 5542 1001 - (+98 21) 5542 1007


Mailing Address: Farabi Comprehensive Center of Excellence in Ophthalmology, Qazvin Square, Tehran, 1336616351, Iran



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