Department of Psychiatry



Department of Psychiatry is one of the long well-established departments with Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Although the department has been active in various places such as Imam Khomeini Hospital and Childern’s Medical Center Hospital, Roozbeh hospital has been its major site since it was known an academic training department.


Roozbeh Hospital is the oldest teaching psychiatry hospital in Iran. As the hospital is a psychiatry hospital, it hosts the university department of psychiatry. It was founded nearly seventy years ago. Throughout its long history, hundreds of psychiatrists have been graduated from the hospital training programs and thousands of psychiatric patients have been helped by the services delivered in this hospital.  Training of child and adolescent psychiatry as a subspecialty in psychiatry has been started in Roozbeh Hospital since 1999. In recent years a few fellowship programs have been started including psychosomatic, psychotherapy and psychosexual medicine. Furthermore, a number of other felowships will begin shortly: neuropsychiatry, addiction and dementia.


In 2007, the psychiatric emergency ward was developed to train residents and manage urgent psychiatric patients. Moreover, several scientific projects have been carried out in this centre leading to published works in international journals.


Facilities and Equipment

  • ECT, Neuropsychology Lab;
  • Imaging center (developing);
  • Interventional Psychiatry (developing).


International activities

  1. A collaboration on management of Street and Labor Children with Medicin’s Sans Frantie’rs (MSF) - PI: Javad Alaghband-rad, M.D.
  2. Tinnitus Research Initiative: An International Collaboration to better understand and manage tinnitus - PI: Javad Alaghband-rad, M.D.
  3. Joint Ph.D. Research (Ana Isabell Mota, Portugal) - PI: Javad Alaghband-rad, M.D.
  4. Co-investigator of a School based mental health program collaborating with WHO and the University of Liverpool - PI: Vandad Sharifi, M.D.
  5. Head of International Cohort Project of Subjective Cognitive Impairment in Iran supervised by New York University (NYU) and Alzheimer ’s disease International (ADI) - PI: Maryam Noroozian, M.D.


Other Information

The hospital and the department is undergoing various developmental activities such as establishment of an imaging center and a comprehensive interventional psychiatry unit.


Head of Department

Dr. Seyed Hamid-Reza Naghavi

Tel.:( +9821) 5541 2222

Fax: (+98 21) 5541 9113


Mailing Address: Roozbeh Psychiatric Hospital,

Tehran University of Medical Sciences, South Kargar Str., Tehran 13185/1741, Iran


Contact Person

Dr. Javad Alaghband Rad

Tel.: (+98 21) 5541 2222

Fax: (+98 21) 5541 9113

Mailing Address: Roozbeh Psychiatric Hospital,

Tehran University of Medical Sciences, South Kargar Str., Tehran 13185/1741, Iran



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