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Department of Medical Genetics

In line with expansion and advancement of basic sciences in medicine and in light of great progress in genetics and solid placement of medical genetics among a collection of knowledge base in domain of health in particular, the University Council in the year 1998 agreed with the creation of the Department of Medical Genetics. Establishment of this group that until then was active as a division under the Pathology Department, in reality became proof and symbol of union between the basic sciences and the medical sciences.

With completion of construction of Molecular Genetics and Cytogenetics Laboratory in summer of 2001, the Department of Medical Genetics gradually, in addition to teaching activities, began its research activities.  In 2003, the Human Genetics Department of the College of Health at the University joined the Department of Medical Genetics in the School of Medicine. Currently, this group is the only formal teaching department of the University in Genetics which offers Masters in Science (M.Sc.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) courses in medical genetics.


M.Sc. in Human Genetics - English Curriculum

Ph.D. in Medical Genetics - English Curriculum