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Graduate Programs in Dental Biomaterials

Graduate Programs in Dental Biomaterials



About Dental Biomaterials Department


Dental Biomaterials Department was recognized as a postgraduate program in dentistry by the Secretariat of the Council for Dental Education and Postgraduate Programs in 1999. This department has been training Iranian Ph.D. candidates since 2007.

We are pleased to provide the facilities for training international postgraduate students in the field of Dental Biomaterials. Accordingly, advanced training programs are offered as postgraduate programs.


Ph.D. Programs in Dental Biomaterials at TUMS


The Department of Dental Biomaterials, School of Dentistry, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, in cooperation with the School for Advanced Medical Technologies offers a graduate program leading to a M.Sc. or Ph.D. degrees in Dental Biomaterials.


Ph.D. in Dental Biomaterials

  • Degree awarded: Ph.D.
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Program Description:

This program may include complementary courses based on the candidates’ background. The subject and the field of Ph.D. research proposal during the 1st year are listed below (Table 1). The majority of the course work is managed by the Department of Dental Biomaterials, School of Dentistry. Candidates’ instruction is on one-on-one basis with his/her research advisor from the department.


Ph.D. Research Proposal:

To find out more about opportunities to study at the Dental Biomaterials Department, choose the research area closest to your field of interest from the list below (Table 2). The list clarifies the department's research priorities, the available research environment, and facilities. Applicants can select one of the proposed areas or propose their own idea for further evaluation according to the department's available facilities and policies.




Research Projects.

A. Regeneration and Tissue Engineering

  • Stem cell sources for odontoblast differentiation. (Dr. T.S. Jafarzadeh)
  • Dental pulp regeneration (Dr. T. S. Jafarzadeh)
  • Polymer and composite scaffolds for hard tissue regeneration (Dr. S. Shahabi)
  • Preparation, characterization and evaluation of mechanical and biological properties of PLGA/LDH nanocomposites for bone tissue  
  • Engineering applications (Dr. T.S. Jafarzadeh)
  • Characterization of the mechanical properties and biocompatibility of apatite composed dental enamels (Dr. T.S. Jafarzadeh)
  • Repair of Initial Enamel Lesions Using Nano Fluoro-hydroxyapatite. (Dr. F. Shafiei)
  • Preparation, properties and applications of biphasic nano-hydroxyapatite and beta-tricalcium phosphate. (Dr. F. Shafiei)
  • Preparation, characterization and properties of Nano- or composite-based scaffolds for tissue engineering (Dr. T. Hooshmand)

B. Nanotechnology and Dental Biomaterials

  • Preparation and characterization of a polymeric nano-particulate system for delivery of antibacterial agents and their antibacterial effects on

bacteria interacting with osteogenesis in oral diseases (Dr. T. S. Jafarzadeh)

  • Nano-hydroxyapatite materials for biomedical applications. (Dr. T. Hooshmand)
  • Characterization and mechanical properties of glass ceramics, alumina- and zirconia-based ceramics (Dr. T. Hooshmand)

C. Adhesive Dentistry

  • Bonding of dental resin cements to zirconia substrates (Dr. T. Hooshmand)
  • Synthesis and characterization of new an antibacterial dental adhesive. (Dr. F. Shafiei)
  • Characterization and bonding effectiveness of Silane coupling agents (Dr. T. Hooshmand)

D. Laser in Dental Biomaterials Science

  • Resin to zirconia bonding using laser surface treatments. (Dr. T. Hooshmand)
  • The effect of laser on surface textures of ceramics. (Dr. S. Shahabi)
  • The application of laser on repairing procedures of ceramics. (Dr. S. Shahabi)
  • Evaluation of the efficacy of laser bleaching. (Dr. S. Shahabi)
  • The interaction of laser and biomaterials. (Dr. S. Shahabi)
  • Laser-irradiated enamel and dentin structures (Dr. T. Hooshmand)

E. Dental Technology

  • Experimental navigation system in the mandible cow for apical resection surgery

F. Biomaterials in Implant Dentistry

  • Bioglasses, bioceramics and implant coatings (Dr. T. Hooshmand)
  • Dental implant materials (Dr. T. Hooshmand)

Research Facilities and Laboratories:


Dental Biomaterials Department provides three laboratories for biomaterial studies. Moreover, the department collaborates with other laboratories in other research centers and schools inside and outside the main campus (Table 3).


Laboratories of Dental Biomaterials Department

Laboratory of Biomechanical Characterization and Properties of Materials

Location: School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine, Imam Khomeini Complex

Facilities: ISOMET micro-saw, Universal Testing Machine, Vickers Microhardness, Shore-A Hardness, Acid Erosion Tester

Laboratory of Chemical Synthesis

Location: Dental Biomaterials Research Center, TUMS Campus

Facilities: Laboratory equipment for organic and non-organic biomaterials synthesis

Laboratory of Biomaterial Analysis

Location: Dental Biomaterials Research Center; TUMS Campus

Facilities: XRD, FT-IR, DSC, SEM



Faculty Members


Dr. Tabassom Hooshmand, DDS, Ph.D.

Head of Department



Dr. Tahereh-sadat Jafarzadeh, DDS, Ph.D.

Post-graduate Director



Dr. Farhad Shafiei, DDS, Ph.D.

Post-graduate Director, Vice-Head for International Affairs



Dr. Marjan Behrozibakhsh, DDS, Ph.D.



Dr. Sima Shahabi, DDS, Ph.D.



Contact Person for International Affairs

Dr. Farhad Shafiei

Vice-Head for International Affairs


Tel.: (+ 98 21) 880 15 909


All interested applicants are welcome to apply to TUMS by completing and submitting TUMS online application form in which they need to specify their school, level, and major of interest.




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