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6th Applied Linguistics Webinar Session Held at TUMS


The 6th session of TUMS Applied Linguistics Webinar Series I (2021) was held by the Department of Foreign Languages of Tehran University of Medical Sciences on January 9, 2021.  The session, which was co-chaired by Dr. Yasin Yazdi, the director of the webinar series, and Dr. Enayat Shabani, the head of the department, was attended by over 300 professors, researchers, and students of applied linguistics from several countries. The keynote speaker was Dr. James P. Lantolf, Greer Professor Emeritus in Language Acquisition and Applied Linguistics in the Department of Applied Linguistics at the Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A., who delivered his talk on Crisis in SLA: Cognitive ~ Social Divide and What to Do About It. He expounded the crisis in terms of the relationship between cognitive orientation and the socio-cultural perspective. He alluded to the core of the crisis: the researchers are struggling to interrelate the perceived dichotomous components of the two orientations. The advocates of the cognitivist camp give top priority to the role of cognitive abilities, while the disciples of the socio-cultural perspective tend to accentuate the role and influence of social activity in the acquisition process. Some proposals suggested by other scholars to overcome this dichotomy were reviewed. Then a potential solution grounded in Vygotsky’s theory of general psychology to this perceived dichotomization was proposed by the speaker, arguing that Vygotsky’s theory of general psychology as a general theory designed to account for human psychological development and functioning could be expected to explain a process such as second language development and functioning within its overall framework as well.


The webinar concluded with a very lively Q & A session, and a good number of appreciation emails and requests to share the recording of the session were received afterwards.












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