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The Graduation Gown/Toga of Professor Charles Oberling, on its Way to Iran

The graduation toga of the Late Professor Charles Oberling, will be donated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) by his family.


Professor Charles Oberling, the famous French pathologist, was the pioneer in designing a new educational curriculum based on the modern programs in Iran.

“Late Professor Oberling was introduced by French officials to reorganize the Faculty of Medicine of Tehran University. In 1939, Oberling came to Iran and was appointed as the dean of the Faculty of medicine.

With the support of Iranian officials and his colleagues at medical school, he designed a new educational curriculum based on the modern programs, similar to those in medical schools of Europe, especially France. He also equipped and redesigned Tehran hospitals for educational purposes and had them supervised by medical school authorities.

The other main goal of Professor Oberling in Iran was improvement of health standards by controlling the diseases and providing proper facilities for implementation of hygiene.

Professor Charles Oberling passed away in 1960 at the age of 65. He was vanquished by cancer, the enemy he had always fought. On his death, his colleague wrote: “Oberling was both a man of action and a humanist…he loved life…his warmth and enthusiasm won him a myriad of admires”. (The history of Prof. Charles Oberling is inspired by Dr. M.H. Azizi’s article.)”

Now, after 80 years of his death, Dr. Laure Pain-Oberling, the last physician member of his family, wife of Prof. Oberling’s nephew, decided to donate his graduation toga to TUMS, where he had very nice memories of there. The toga will be donated to the officials of TUMS in Internationalization of Higher Education Seminar, held on 29th-30th of April, 2017. 

The history of Prof. Charles Oberling is inspired by Dr. M.H. Azizi’s article:


Reported By: Sahar Mohammadian
Edited By: M. Davoodifar